Here are just some of the services we can provide to the general public, primary schools, senior schools, fitness centres :
SHOWS: Shows are an exciting and fun way of displaying your talents and capability to family, friends and talent scouts!
EXAMS: Poise Dance School is an affiliated dance school.  This means you can take recognised exams.  We have a very high standard pass rate! 

 It is also a good idea to take exams so that if you ever move dance schools you will be able to slot into the correct class! These exams are recognised nationally and internationally. Students are encouraged to take medal test if they want to so they can improve their dance level.
Exams are a good idea if you want to be a professional dancer/tutor one day! 



Please get in touch with us for information on class days and times in your local area.

Call Clare on 07515027580 or e-mail POISE DANCE SCHOOLS are open all year round except the school holidays




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